Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Gone were the days where we are freaks of whats standard. Those times when normal is still normal. Now the word seemed to be synonymous with generic and boring. I love magazines, i spend my a couple of bucks or more on one or two magazine a week just to check whats in and whats currently visually stimulating, just for the sake to update my fashion and photographic education. And so, the trend seemed to be women, models gracing the covers of vogue magazine of different country have something in common, and that is a gap inbetween their teeth.

A mate asked me one time, do you find this model attractive? TBH, I didnt know! All i understood is that i appreciate how the image appeals to me and how it attracted my attention.

You remember Danielle from ANTM? Tyra wanted to fix her gapped teeth but she refuses because she loves them, and settle for minimising the it, the "gap".

Miu Miu's add was a success because of the fact that models looks like freakishly cool and weirdly amazing in their clothes, trying to look dignified and fashionable both at the same time. Yes, the teeth helped in whole packaging. It makes you want to think, is it really necessary, or is it really nice to have one? -- it simply attracts attention, asking you for a second look... ones you surpass the awkward look, you'll be compelled to look at the product, garment... Walla! Genious!

Well, there was a saying before that a gapped teeth (when i say this phrase i mean the front teeth not elsewhere, duh?.. lol ) means success. Was and is still a basic example was Madonna who despite here fortune didnt made any move about the teeth... Well, im starting to believe in it. Another actress who was noticed as a child actor way way back when my aunts wont bring me to the cinema to see THE PIANO because i was 7 or 8 then, obviously... is Ms. Anna Paquin. Yes, she starred in XMen, and then another xmen and another but it was in true blood that she was recognised - im sure the era of models with gaps contributed to the notice not to mention, TRUE BLOOD was a vampire series which accentuates with the teeth or fangs (LOL) Not to mentioned she married her leading co-star., boy its a proof of success, perhaps shes sexy lol

Going back to the question, is gapped teeth really sexy? Subjectively i think being different and managing to look good and be on top is sexy. Different folks different strokes, if that saying applies... lol
I personally think, as a photographer, it is sexy and new, and fresh and interesting. Something that would stimulate the senses is sexy. (well mostly)

So let me know what you think...

Ciao Bellas!

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