Thursday, January 6, 2011


I wont say a lot, but if I am a dictionary and Mr. Ford is in my list, under SYN. you will see Provocative, Talent, Nudity, Free and Outrageous.

Various images of Mr. Ford polishing a male model's bottom, fragrance in between mammary glands, or covering a vaJJ, a public display of TOTAL affection lol (love that phrase, hehe) and more...

Verify my thoughts with these images.

See? Too much flesh... Is it wrong to show skin much to this extent? A disgrace? I would GENUIS!!!
You dont need to shout and be heard, it simply speaks for itself... As they always say SEX SELLS!

As a matter of fact, Mr Ford Inspired me with one of his particular image, I made my own version...

and ofcourse, after a very tiring money making add campaign... this is howTom likes to celebrate with his boys... In total fairness, Tom ford has got nicer and shinier skin than his models... must be from plenty of bottom polishing! I wonder where i could but those... lol

Ciao Mios!

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