Saturday, January 29, 2011


They said that French are romantic and and sexy in their own rights and words. Its been a while since a friend suggested a substantial gay film. This one is quite romantic and stressful. The first third of the movie is an envious length of love and sweet quotes and meaningful experiences. Second third of coldness and a rise of failing relationship - last third was the end of a relationship. There is an undeniable villain in the story to which blood is thicker than water principle applies. It was a beautiful relationship on its own - unless acted upon external forces -- (like the law of inertia)

The movie tends to be deep, but it achieves that in its own poetic rights. I hate - love movies with so much tension that you cant breathe. Im a hopeless romantic. So in this movie you will see different character of a person loving, a person who is hurt and a person who is letting go. 

I found my character in one of them, in terms of how I love, and how I react on it. 

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  1. I felt embarrassed after watching this movie. It was painful to watch as there is nothing in this movie. Its a waste of time.
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