Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Its been a while since i have done a full blog on things... This was my previous hobby which i have almost forgotten. Here to rekindle the love affair, its IMAGE COUTURE LAB. A blog that will discuss Fashion, Photography, and Experiments of daily life.

Will tell you whats instyle in United Kingdom, whats new and whats popular. Trends, hair, accessories, clothes, shoes... everything under the sun.

Will update you of my current photoshoots, image finds, features of photographers and some their pictures and pictures that i adore. Including some of the inspirational images that i want to do my own version, New models and some exclusive scoops. Some shoot concepts, make up tips from various make up artist and more...

Some tips on frequently asked question. Experiments on how to loose weight, research on lifestyle, diets and health, using actual documentation and less invasive experiments. and more...

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