Friday, January 7, 2011


Its not a so recent fact but this is just my time to show you guys the fruit of my online mischiefs. Well, one photographer has got to find inspirations. We call it our Pegs... Stumble across these sets of images by Victoria and David Beckham, and theyre wearing Armani... What a great image...

Posh and David signed a 20 Million contract with Armani to be their endorser, reasonable enough, 20 bloody million! phew! rich becomes richer... so its like £40 Million in total... cool!

Should i just wrap this up, and say, the Becks are really Hot in these images. As a photographer, i know and maybe most of you guys know how images works... lots of Post Processing going on but nonetheless, it HOT! And yeah, did I forget to mention? Its a classy sensual ad!

Ciao Mios!

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