Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There could have been plenty of ways and methods, perhaps strategies and theories on how one could loose weight. But most of us are left disappointed with the results that we are getting. Like caring for other people, it should be individualized and with strict accordance to their needs. Yes, we may all have common problem which we all called extra adipose, in layman’s, fat! However, like going in for a session with a shrink, he would usually examine how you came about to start acting like you are behaving now, an initially attempt to do something about it. It is as well our initial state of doing things – personalizing our weight loss strategy.

Start by asking yourself, when did I first notice gaining extra pounds. When I say ask yourself I meant reflect. We may have an answer to that initially but we need to reflect on why? Why did I do that and why did it happen. Perhaps a divorce or a break up. An unfinished business with someone? Take a leap and find resolution to that issue and then we formally start loosing the unwanted energies, well including those hideous adipose.

Next get into more asking question. It is important to ask one self a question at a time and resolve it before jumping to another. It will initially aid you to discipline and not to get confuse of the scheme and steps that you are doing. Do not assure yourself that you are a multi tasker, because I assure you, one moment you will be lost.

Yeah. More question. What am I doing (in routine) to be getting this much extras?  Perhaps you’ve been eating too much because of the depression due to break ups. Like what I said, if the issue is resolved you can move forward in doing action towards this next question. Resolving this problem, you should be able to understand that you should not abruptly change the routine but just make changes after change. Eventually, you will be able to change your behavior and change your routine.

The next thing to ones this is achieved, is to plan or develop a lifestyle. Consider going to a gym and commit to it. Or construct a life virtue. I have recently seen a movie that told me to eat, pray and love. Developing this principle, require yourself to base your life in it and be it.

In this phase, an individual decide to be a strict vegetarian,  or a gym buffed guy. Make sure whatever path youre routing yourself is healthy. At this phase some people can also develop an unhealthy principle like anorexia and maybe bulimia.

One suggestion is to be specific , rather being vague and open. This is where the discipline begins. I personally find this useful its saves money and compels you to do one thing and not  more of the other. Buying clothes of one size. If you like something and it doesn’t fit you, leave it – don’t settle for anything less. If you are craving for a specific food – buy one, if its not available don’t buy anything else.

So far, this is what I have decided myself to do. It’s the same principle a vegan would do.

So if you have any idea, please let me know. Any reaction to this blog can email me at  Id be really glad to hear from you.

Ciao Mios!

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