Saturday, January 22, 2011


For most people who doesnt know me, there is one side of me that no one has ever yet see clearly. My charity and my heart. At the back of my head, is a job to serve people in need, the REAL helpless and abandoned of a real life. Its a dream that i cant achieve at the moment, but will try my best to get into it somehow. On the other hand, celebrities has this power to do so. Placing their fame in good use. Its not a deniable fact that i love Adam Lambert, and his birthday is coming soon. Jan 29th. Hes asking people to help support a charity to raise money for people who are deprived of clean water. Ive seen the concept in a movie called EAT LOVE PRAY... and ive heard it again, as i read through Adam Twitting.

Its fabulous to be charitable.

Please watch this video - Its moving and it will change everything!

It all started with a birthday!

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