Friday, January 7, 2011


I have taken the liberty running around online stores where most of the teen shop. Checked what the fuzz all about for the 2011 jumpstarting the fashion trends.

Focused on three stores River Island, Top Man and H&M, the trend is very clear. Earthy light colors, and few prints.

River Island 
showcase a modest rugged clean look, less pattern more on plain washed color, 
texture (crumply), denims and few layers. 

Top Man 
still adhering to Indi Pop couture, denims, flowy fabric, a few knits stuff, colored light washed pop jean, low waist and some good printed shirts. 

showcase a more relaxed look, more street less indi. A few prints and few layers. 
H&M website offers a Fashion Studio where shoppers can try clothes on a model virtually 
to see what it looks like in layers. 

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ciao mios!

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