Sunday, January 16, 2011


Julia Roberts playing the character of Liz started the story in Bali. She visited a wise man to read her future and ended up following what was told of her by choice. She found her life to be in limbo, empty and in an awkward situation. She wishes to change it all and decided to come and venture a four months trip in 3 countries after her divorce was put into place.

She ate in Italy, Prayed in India and found love in Bali. I will make a very brief overview of the movie, because I wanted to share more of my insights. Its overflowing.

This two hour plus movie have made me realise that one should take life easy, grant one an honoured break for oneself, to realise the blessings and to enjoy life. Sharing a meal with friends, not only with food but nurture each other with words of wisdom and love.

Secondly, that life isn’t a life until we let go of our conveniences and savour to understand difficulty by experiencing it. Offering out difficulties to someone that matters. In the movie, Liz was having difficulty with following the mantra, made her panic and gets lost. There was a 17yo young woman who’s about to be married to someone she doesn’t love as a result of a fix marriage – Roberts character, undertook and surpass the inconvenience of the mantra and offered it to the young woman. It was a sweet and sincere gesture, I felt chills.

Also, a guarded heart is sometime strong from the outside, but are very valuable ones cracked.

The last thing that Ive learned, is perhaps the summary of the whole thing. We take foregranted people that we meet everyday. If we let go of ourselves, do not look at ones status in life—a degree or age perhaps… we can learn a lot from them. Even listening to a kid, they could teach us something.

We should learn to listen, something that sometimes is hard to do – Listen and accept that everyone in our life can contribute and are our teachers.

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