Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This corner is my quest to examine similar scents for after shave, perfume and cologne for men. Just to give a few tips of which one to find and which one will suite your personality or your pocket.

One of my fetishes is the never ending search for my body chemistry compatible scent, to which i promise my dear life to use for as long as i live, provided the product is still sold... lol! clever ei!
So if i have money to spend, youll probably find me on one of those shops with bottles of fragrance displayed all over. Im not claiming to be a connoisseur of scent, but my scent smart senses always tingles.

So lets start with the most common and popular ones. Recently, an eruption of sweet smelling scent for men have been flooding the market, i dont really complain because it just made my life easier... Metrosexual men wears almost female like clothes, so what the heck, why not semi feminine scents.

Here are some 5 scent which i think smells alike...

LYNX Temptation ... the cheapest you can find of the sweet smelling group.
Hints of pineapple, tropical fruits, chocolate and a bit of musky smell

EMPORIO ARMANI Lui/il/He very hard name for a scent but its sweet smell goes with sophistication
subtleness that marries your shirt in a less invasive manner. This is my scent of choice in 5
ZARA UOMO is with subtle sweet smelling for men.

DIESEL FOR LIFE is the masculine imaged smell with the sweetest muskiest of them all 5
So if you wanna be tough but smell sweet, this is for you

1 MILLION by Paco Rabanne, usually Paco makes the most strongest very masculine scents, but this one is different, its sweetness glides like your wearing satin silk. Its ad is the right feel for the scent. If youre a proper metrosexual, who wants to smell nice and sweet, fashionable and trendy. This is the scent for you

 More of this blog to come... I love me scent... i dont buy them all but i love my free sniffs and free spray in shops... but yeah, i spend money on good perfume...


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