Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dauson : I have been doing arts, interior designs, paintings, Ive even modeled, making images through my lenses and I guess theres only thing that I havent explored yet. The art of making clothes. I am intrigued of the whole MetroSexual look, how a man can carry women's clothes and still look masculine and fashionable - like the korean fashion trends for men. So I device some designs that are all that - Metro! I call my designs HIMISSHE or HIS (Him Is She) for short.

Consider this as my fashion design debut! Heres a teaser of my clothes in an ad.

photo by dauson bermtay

Make Up by Selina & Zarina Hafeez
Assistance of Mrs. Susan Hafeez
Stuart McMullan
Zoe Mutter
Matthew Baraclough
Dauson Bermtay Photography
HIMISSHE Clothes Created by Dauson Bermtay
Models are from L-R
Daniel Coombe, James Dale, Thomas Green, Neil Ovenell. & Arran Cawthra

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