Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Everytime I shoot someone, I wont get less than 500 shots. However, from those hundreds there will be 5-10 images worthy for a tour in my photoshop, and eventually be shown to public. True, I call this standard of work. 

Big famous photographers takes images click after click after click, reviews them and choose one or two. Some of them would even be placing their camera on tripod, watch the monitor and click-click-click. Thats because of the hope that from the bazillions of images, one will stand out. 

In the past, I wont deny that I have been one of these people now who believed that plenty of images will get you far. But now Ive learned my lesson. It will simply annoy people seeing the same concept, or same face, same expression - everything same syndrome and then they'll just close the app or the website. 

As for models, yes at the beginning we should be able to discover and try whats out there, what strangers could offer us - get a sense of what we can do and what we cant - what makes u comfortable and what doesnt. Then you start evaluating. Make an image in your head of what your portfolio's gonna look like. For Pete's sake, you dont need a collection of the same images. It will make you the old woman who hoard things and eventually clutters that either making decisions and letting go is dilemma. 

I have worked with a model recently and asked, how many pics are u expecting from this? The answer was, ONE AMAZING PICTURE! And thats what exactly what everybody should think. Ofcourse, if theres more than one legitimate image for variety and choices - it wont be an issue. Like what i said, i dont like wasting good images.

So what am I trying to say? Show people images that you think would best impress them or them to say something nice about it, rather than otherwise with numerous. Do not collect images of the same concept, look or feel (from one shoot) it wont be helpful.

Try setting a quality standard for yourself. You'll be surprised how quality can get you far.

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