Sunday, February 13, 2011


It all started with blogging about Paolo Roldan and his Givenchy ad, the woman hugging him in one of the images is actually a transsexual called Leah T, formerly, Leandro Cerezo and the son of famed Brazilian footballer Toninho Cerezo. Was also Riccardo Tiscali's former personal assistant, who made the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection ad campaign for Givenchy.

Im simply amazed how the fashion industry have evolved and embraced beauty of different standards, race and gender. It almost saying that fashion is gentle and kind and unbiased.

So here she is with some of her images from LOVE Magazine The Androgyny issue on her solo cover, and cover kissing English supermodel Kate Moss plus some amazing work she did including the Givenchy ad that placed her spot in the industry and the a bizarre nude photo of her showing a bit of him.

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