Monday, February 21, 2011


Another cycle is due to air as last weeks sneak peek was launch at CW. The prizes couldnt be anymore higher than last season so Italian Vogue will feature the winner in two of its popular magazine. Not to mention the ever non ending Cover Girl contract $100,000.

I am particularly excited to see my favorite model ALEK WEK who will be part of this season. Here are some media I have collected over a short period of time from my excitement. Feel free to scrutinise the images and the video, cos I already have...

ANTM Cycle 16 is due to Air Feb. 23 in US so expect YouTube Uploads the next day.

Promo pictures are a bit below standard. I dont know what happened, quite like the feel and the looks of the models though. Reminds me of a page Ive seen in one of the vogue magazine, cant remember which one specifically.

Without anymore delay, here they are... lol

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