Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Every ones in a while, when you are working with models, you get to notice things that are not right, or things that are so so right and you just want to share it to everybody who wanted to be a model and get a little foundation of what they can grow on. So I am making this little TAB called Modelling Tips and Tricks to get everybody going with their modelling career.

Lets make this pages as a guide for models who have no clue, or have a clue but wanted to be enlightened with the truth, nothing but the truth about posing and infront of the camera.

This page will also cover how a model should behave, what appeals to the people he/she is working with and the things that impress or not to do while on shoot on certain occasion. So lets start with modelling tips infront of the lens. So far I have come up with 10 tips, while I was waiting for a model who came in an hour late... I thought I should make use of my time so, here we are :

1.     Tip Toes. Everybody needs an extra length and in photographs, even the tallest people can look short. Extending your lower extremities, especially if you are shot on sides, even in an angle – to tip toe can give you a leg that goes on forever.

this picture made me hungry. sigh... literarily

2.     Extending your neck. Another way not only to give you length but also tension in neckline which gives a model both definition and natural texture from collar bones and other neck features.

3.     Do the chicken. I always ask my models to do the chicken pose, which is to extend your head and slight curve your neck forward, a bit chin down, like the chicken picking for food. It defines your jawlines. Very useful on straight front shots and perhaps for those awkward editorial poses.

4.    Stand on your side, then twist your shoulder infront of the camera. This is basically to hide the extra inches  and defines a more shaped, tummy in proportion to a more broader shoulder.

5.     One shoulder up, on shoulder down, head straight on camera. This pose usually provide hips some curves on the side, a chance for the neck to be exposed and provide a more clearer defined line.

6.    Soft soft soft hands. Girls and Boys. There’s no strong hands in fashion except to ones specifically required. Softer hands for adverts and editorials are more appreciated especially promoting handbags, clothes or nail polish. Classy and elegance exudes in irony of whatever you are wearing.

7.  If something is dropped, the opposite should be lifted. Not often true but for variation it will create a more dramatic look. Trying to take away the balance by doing the unconventional pose and returning the it by lift-drop method, will result to unnoticeable symmetrical feel of the photo.

8.    Practice muscle and bone poses. If you are muscular or bony, it doesn’t matter – remember that textures are very important to a photograph. Looking at the mirror and recognising your features will help you deliver interesting looks. (notice how Alba stretch her shoulders forward so she'll get that collar bone showing, and that gave her a bigger image of her boobs too)

9.   Subtle movements. Remember to create poses with minimal movement. So shall we call it, click-inch move- click. Its like a robot trying to move but in a more fluid softer motion.

10Know your light. As standard requirement, face is always important in a fashion shot. Make sure to give justice to your images and that people will recognise you, possibly give opportunity to make up artists work to be seen. Also be aware that the light position will give you a good sense of your facial features. The photographer may move the light elsewhere, your job as a model is to look for that light or a light source somewhere to illuminate your face. You will know it when you find a little glitter in your eyes.


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