Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have few thoughts about this episode.

1. The make over is all about weave and long hair... almost all of them have. Brittani blew me away with her make over. I was expecting Dominique to get a short hair like her pic in the Bees pic.
2. This episode was about style and couture... Lori G. is one of the most prominent stylist to emulate int the world. -- she did the Beverly Hills shoot styling in cycle 15 and i know theres one more, i just cant remember from the past. I love her styling, because its corky and couture, the ones not right but looks good because its not right.
3. I hate Alexandria... Please dont name your children Alexandria... lol
4. Ive noticed that Tyra speaks alot of Ghettoey recently, and she dress slacky not as prepared as the last episodes. I think shes taking this as like her everyday life. - The show
5. My favorites now are Brittani and Hannah... for this shoot - Kesha blew me away. I didnt understand why Alex called first... Its all about the picture, is it?
6. Isnt Jaclyn the cutest thang? love her...

So here you go... watch!

Right am gonna add this one, as i think theyre really awesome, candid, funny and straightforward. 

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