Thursday, March 3, 2011


OMG! Isnt she lovely? Finally, she's on as this week's mentor! I was so excited to see Alek Wek Participating in one of my favorite show in the world. I just didnt expect her to be in it this fast. Well, for those of you who doesnt know Alek Wek here's a few trivia about her.

Oh Btw... I dont like the INTRO!!! I think its weak! there's no POP its a bit lousy! Lousiest from the last few seasons. -- Bet at this time... I love Hannah and Dominique - Like Mikaela, Monique and Jaclyn too... but its too early to tell!

Who is Alek Wek?
(too lazy will quote from wikipedia)

Wek was discovered at an outdoor market in London in 1995 in Crystal Palace, south London,by a Models 1 scout. She first received attention when she appeared in the music video for "GoldenEye" by Tina Turner, in 1995 and from there entered the world of fashion as one of its top models. She was signed to Ford Models in 1996 and was also seen in the "Got 'Til It's Gone" music video by Janet Jackson that year. She was named "Model of the Year" in 1997 by MTV. She was the first African model to appear on the cover of Elle, also in 1997.

Wek also designs a range of designer handbags called "Wek 1933", which are available throughout selected Selfridges department stores. The year refers to the year her father was born. Her inspiration for the designs came from the brass-clasp briefcase carried by her father.

Ive noticed that almost if not all of the contestants on this cycle are very young and sounded either childish or childlike... either cute or annoying. Other than that... am off to bed! ha!

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